Miami Herald Article on Impact of the PTC in Censorship Debate

by on June 20, 2005

The Miami Herald ran a nice piece yesterday highlighting the impact of the Parents Television Council in the debate over federal speech controls. Glenn Garvin was kind enough to call me for some background since he knows I have been at odds with the PTC in the past, and they have responded directly.

Anyway, in the Miami Herald article, I note that:

“This group is having a real impact in Washington,” and that “They are coming to have the equivalent of a heckler’s veto over a lot of decisions by the FCC and Congress regarding broadcast content.” I also address the old “public’s airwaves” argument and note that, “Even if the public owns the airwaves, it doesn’t diminish the First Amendment rights of the people in the broadcast industry.” After all, the public technically owns city streets, I point out, but that doesn’t mean the government can censor the newspapers sold in sidewalk coinboxes.’

Anyway, if you care to read the entire article, you can find it here.

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