Television Destroys Society, Again

by on May 15, 2007

Over at my other blog, Brian Moore points out that government idiocy is an international standard. According to a story on Bhutanese officials worrying that their subjects will become restive after seeing a more affluent life on their TV screens:

“Advertisements create desires, which cannot be satisfied by people’s current economic position,” wrote Phuntsho Rapten of the Centre for Bhutan Studies. “Crimes and corruption are often born out of economic desires.”

I can’t top Brian’s retort:

Do you know what else causes desires which cannot be satisfied by people’s current economic position? Being in a really crappy economic position. Gosh, I wonder why those 31.7% of Bhutanese below the poverty line have so many desires? How crass and materialistic of them.

It certainly would be terrible if all those enticing images caused peasants to get restive for political and economic reforms.

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