Barney Frank Pushing for Net Gambling Repeal

by on April 13, 2007

pokerRep. Barney Frank is continuing his effort to repeal the U.S. ban on online gambling, which he calls “one of the stupidest things I ever saw.” The law, the “Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act,” was passed during the last session of Congress. Now that he’s the chair of the House Financial Services Committee he certainly has a better chance taking this silly law off the books, but he still faces an uphill battle.

Back in October 2003, when I was still with the Cato Institute, my colleague Wayne Crews and I brought Rep. Frank to Cato to deliver some keynote remarks on this issue during an event we hosted. He was amazing and his speech that day remains to the most principled (and highly entertaining) thing I’ve ever heard anyone say on the issue to date. And, luckily, the video is still on the Cato website here. Make sure to check it out and listen to the excellent Q&A session in particular. Great stuff.

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