Dying for Television

by on February 23, 2007

True story: The (New York-based) North County Gazette reports that the mummified body of a man was discovered in his Hampton Bays home this week. He had been dead for a year, but his television was still running and showing programming! The story notes:

When Southhampton police responded to the two story home earlier this week to answer a report about burst water pipes, they found the mummified body of 70-year-old Vincenzo Riccardi, 70, sitting in a chair in front of his television, dead for more than a year, the television still playing.

According to the Suffolk County medical examiner’s office, Riccardi appears to have died of natural causes. It was reported that his body was well-preserved, his features and hair intact due to the dry air in the house… The electricity was still on in the home although apparently the power bills had not been paid in over a year. The last he was heard from was December 2005, according to authorities.

I hate to make light of this tragic (and somewhat creepy) story, but I just have to ask: Where can I find a cable company and an electrical provider that will let me watch TV for a year without making payments?! (Or is this only some sort of special deal for the dead?)

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