by on February 15, 2007

You should bookmark The American, a new daily online and quarterly print magazine from AEI. In the few weeks I’ve followed it, it has surprised me with lots of good stories and ideas, usually by young writers, and quite often about technology. Just this week there’s a piece by Jens Laurson and George Pieler nominating Milton Friedman as the patron saint of blogging since the blogosphere is a free market of ideas where “price signals” abound in the form of links and comments and the best commentary rises to the top. Then there’s this piece by Joshua Tauberer on his Open House Project, which seeks to put Congressional records on the web and as structured data so they’ll be subject to computer-aided scrutiny. From the print magazine, Amy Cortese did some reporting on why internet wine sales are still in regulatory hell even after Granholm v. Heald. Other pieces are brilliant, too, so check it out.

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