Wireless, Wu, and Wallstein Too

by on February 13, 2007

Adding to the general clamor, Scott Wallstein of the Progress and Freedom Foundation has released an analysis of TIm Wu’s study endorsing neutrality regulation of wireless networks. Among other things, he points out that the history of the kind of access regulations Wu endorses is not a happy one, pointing to the UNE fiasco. He also raises a good point regarding Wu’s call for carriers to work together to create clear unified standards–arguing that getting acceptable standards is harder than Wu implies. In fact, Wallstein points out, Wu decries one of the leading standards that has been developed, WAP.

Overall, Wallstein concludes that competition in this market is healthy, stating that “the wireless industry is robustly competitive and exhibits scant evidence of a market failure. Consumers consistently benefit from increasingly lower prices and more features.”

Worth reading.

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