Thinking Blogger Awards

by on February 12, 2007

thinkingbloggerpf8.jpgMany thanks to Jim Lippard for naming the Tech Liberation Front as one of his “5 Blogs that Make Him Think.”

He did so as part of this new “Thinking Blogger Awards” contest. It’s not really a contest per se, rather, you’re just suppose to nominate 5 more blogs that make you think after someone else has already nominated your blog on their list.

So, to keep things going, here are 5 blogs that make me think (and I encourage my TLF colleagues to nominate others):

(1) Nick Carr’s “Rough Type
(2) Mark Cuban’s “Blog Maverick
(3) Chris Anderson’s “The Long Tail
(4) Jay Rosen’s “Press Think
(5) Reason’sHit and Run

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