Welcoming Drew Clark to the TLF

by on December 4, 2006

I’m very excited to welcome Drew Clark to the Tech Liberation Front as a regular contributor. Drew is a friend to all of us here at the TLF and is well-known in technology policy circles as one of the finest writers about the Digital Economy issues we cover here. Many of you will be familiar with his past work as a senior writer at National Journal’s Technology Daily, which is required reading for tech policy wonks. And you’ve probably seen some of his “Wired in Washington” columns on occasion, too. Or his frequent freelance work for major papers like The Washington Post or Slate. Or even his excellent chapter on “How Copyright Became Controversial” for a book I edited a few years ago. (OK, so you probably didn’t see that book, but at least make sure to read Drew’s chapter!)

Today, Drew is a Senior Fellow and Project Manager at the Center for Public Integrity. He has headed the Center’s “Well Connected” Project on telecommunications and the media since August 2006 and is responsible for the re-launch of the Center’s “Media Tracker” service. The Media Tracker is a free Internet database that allows Americans to see who owns the media and communications networks in their city and ZIP code and also allows users to examine the political contributions and lobbying expenditures by almost 300 telecom, media and technology companies.

Drew also blogs on his own Web site, www.drewclark.com and at the Center for Public Integrity’s “Telecom Watch Blog.” We are very excited he’ll also be sharing his thoughts with us here on the TLF.

Welcome aboard Drew!

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