Election Thoughts

by on November 8, 2006

In general, I don’t think elections have a big effect on technology issues, as they don’t tend to break down along partisan lines. One possible exception is network neutrality regulation. It seems that Democratic control of Congress is likely to make it easier for the pro-regulation folks to get their preferred legislation through Congress. On the other hand, the issue probably isn’t at the top of the Democratic agenda, and it’s complicated enough that the Democrats might find it hard to reach a consensus. Personally, I’m still rooting against Congress passing any telecom legislation.

Congress still has the opportunity to come back for a lame duck session, where it might still pass NSA white-washing legislation. I hope the Republicans have enough shame not to do that, but I wouldn’t put it past them. When the new Congress starts, it would be nice if they repealed the gambling bill, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

One race that makes me a little bit sad is Mark Kennedy’s loss in the Minnesota Senate race. Kennedy was a strong supporter of DMCA-reform legislation. I met with one of his staffers back in April, and he struck me as a smart guy genuinely interested in promoting good policies. It would have been nice to have an articulate DMCA critic in the Senate.

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