Is Verizon’s Chocolate Sweet?

by on August 30, 2006

I realize this is not a gadget blog, and that I probably should not be using it to seek out personal advice but…

I’m about to upgrade my cell phone and to get one with better multi-media capabilities, especially so I can avoid carrying around both a cell phone and my MP3 player everywhere I go. I’ve been looking at this new Verizon “Chocolate” phone made by LG.
VZ Chocolate.jpg
It’s getting mixed reviews, but it has a lot of nice features including expandable memory up to 2 GB, which is important because I want as much room for my music playlists as possible. (I wish cell phones could carry even more memory than that. I’ve already maxed out my 20GB Creative Zen player and looking to upgrade it too).

Anyway, here’s the one question I have not been able to get anyone else to answer for me about the Chocolate phone: Any idea if there is any screwy, ham-handed DRM issues to deal with on this phone? Are there any sites that look into this aspect of cell phone music players? I store most of my music in WMA but have some files in MP3. I just want an easy plug-play-and-transfer experience.

Any advice from TLF readers would be appreciated.

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