Welcome Hance Haney!

by on August 25, 2006

By now, you’ve seen some of his contributions. On behalf of the gang [though it’s too late],* I thought I would introduce the newest TLFer, Hance Haney.

Hance is Director and Senior Fellow of the Technology & Democracy Project at the Discovery Institute in Washington, D.C. As you’ve already seen, he’s mighty well versed in telecom issues. He’ll bring another dimension to our current discussions of net neutrality, and much more in the future.

I bumped into Hance on the street today and encouraged him to engage with our commenters whose disagreements with us are welcome – indeed, essential to making TLF a worthwhile endeavor.

And hopefully Hance will help counterbalance the prolific Tim Lee so his DRM obsession doesn’t make TLF “all DMCA all the time”! ;-P

*[I was just about done writing this when Adam’s post went up, so I’m posting it anyway. I don’t want to have wasted my time – but I will waste yours, reader.]

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