Young Turks on Tech

by on April 11, 2006

Here’s a pair of tech articles released this week by young libertarians. First, my former flatmate Julian Sanchez has an engaging take on network neutrality in Reason:

Take heed, unsuspecting Web surfer, for the end times are upon us! Lo, your Internet Service Provider shall open the sixth seal, and the moon shall be as blood; and there shall be voices and thunderings and excessive white noise on your VoIP phone; and Google shall be devoured by locusts–or at least load really, really slowly.

Well, maybe it’s not that bad, he says, questioning the wisdom of getting the government involved this early in the game.

Secondly, Peter Suderman of the Competitive Enterprise Institute has a great article on the French DRM legislation over at National Review:

Somewhere in between the U.S. and French approaches to DRM lies an appropriate middle ground. The DMCA makes DRM far too strong, but the French proposal renders it nearly useless. Individuals ought to have control over their media, but digital-music vendors like Apple ought to be allowed to protect and control their property. Vive la (digital) revolution!

Quite so. Read the whole thing.

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