They Say Newspapers Are Dead, But…

by on March 8, 2006

Many media pundits are fond of saying that newspapers are a dying medium. That seems logical to many of us since we see the rapid proliferation of new media outlets and devices all around us. But the fact is that a heck of a lot of people still read newspapers every day.

Want some rather shocking proof of that? Well, last week the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority reported that additional refuse from riders, especially free newspapers, are adding about 15 tons more trash a day to the subway system than 2004, causing more track fires, train delays, and adding millions to MTA expenses.

15 TONS! To put that number in perspective, that’s roughly the equivalent of 120 refrigerators worth of trash! (The average refrigerator weighs roughly 250lbs, or 8 fridges per ton). Granted, this is New York City we’re talking about here, but free papers are springing up all across America. Community weeklies are especially popular these days.

Finally, a new poll by Outsell Inc., found that 61 percent of consumers look to their newspapers as an essential source for local news, events and sports. Only 6 percent of those surveyed said they rely on Internet search engines for local news and information.

So, before we all rush to write obituaries for old media, it’s important to remember that a lot of people still read and love their local newspapers.

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