Snow Driving For Southeners

by on February 14, 2006

Okay, this is off topic, but the sound of assorted Maryland residents burning the rubber off their tires, which I can hear from inside my home office, is beginning to annoy me. On the off chance that some of them have actual jobs that do something besides soak up tax money, and thus we would be better off if they make if out of the parking lot, some suggestions:

1) If stuck, do not spin your wheels. You are burning the tread off your tires and making ice.
2) Rock to get out of rut (forward, reverse, forward, reverse). Momentum is good.
3) If moving in deep snow, for Pete’s sake don’t stop (unless you are facing downhill).
4) Don’t do anything suddenly.
5) Easy on the salt. Salt makes puddles, which become ice.
6) Sand is good. Kitty litter, birdseed, and bunches of twigs make decent substitutes.
7) If you have a front wheel drive, devote more attention to digging out the front wheels than the back.

Sonia, anything to add?

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