Hill Lunch Event on Telecom Reform

by on October 27, 2005

CEI will be hosting a lunch event on the Hill this Friday at noon. The focus will be on how we should be thinking about telecom reform in evolutionary terms, of phasing-out current law while not adding new laws to cover new technologies. I’ll be speaking and so will fellow TLF member James Gattuso, Randy May of PFF and Blair Levin of Legg Mason. The discussion of telecommunications regulation can quickly get bogged down by details. And while details are important, we must keep true to a broad deregulatory vision that I outlined (along with my colleague Wayne Crews) in Communications without Commissions: A National Plan for Reforming Telecom Regulation. The essence of my proposal is a series of phased deregulatory initiatives: 1) Setting jurisdictional boundaries; 2) Removing current economic and social policy regulation; and 3) Reforming the FCC and Spectrum Management. This deregulatory vision has been absent from the two main bills that have been proposed, though Senator Ensign’s bill is more deregulatory than the House Commerce Committee Discussion Draft bill.

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