You don’t have to go to Philadelphia to see a Liberty Belle

by on July 3, 2005

A hearty, bellowing but gentlemanly “shout out” to the Liberty Belles, a new blog that seeks to inject a lady’s touch to the discussion of libertarian issues. One of the resident bloggers, Anastasia, is a CEI intern this summer. Her blogging conveys her witty, interesting, and energetic persona – and will surely be matched by the four other belles. So check them out! From their blog:

We stand for free minds, free markets, free…Well, let’s say we don’t mind you holding the door for us, we just don’t want the government doing it. For too long, the word on the street has been that the movement for freedom and limited government lacks its Lady Liberty. Women’s voices are largely absent from the conversation, despite the calls and catcalls of our fellow men.

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