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by on May 11, 2005

I wanted to draw everyone’s attention to an important new blog put together by media guru Ben Compaine. His site”Who Owns the Media?” attempts to lay out the truth about the current state of diversity in competition in the media marketplace today.

I’ve written about Ben’s fine work many times before on this and other sites, but for those of you who do know of him or his work, Ben Compaine has long been the voice of reason in the field of media finance and economics. His classic study of the media market, “Who Owns the Media?” is a comprehensive refutation of the myths about media ownership and consolidation.

Through the New Millennium Research Council, Ben has also recently released a wonderful new report entitled The Media Monopoly Myth: How New Competition is Expanding Our Sources of Information and Entertainment. Ben conclusively shows, both in his old book and his new NMRC study, that the media marketplace has never been more dynamic, diverse and competitive.

Anyway, check out Ben’s blog for more details on all his important work in this area. His work has long been a real inspiration to me.

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