Deja Vu All Over Again? UNE article just out from Heritage

by on December 14, 2004

Heritage just released this article on the upcoming UNE vote by the FCC:

Telecom Competition Rules: D©j  Vu All Over Again?
by James L. Gattuso
WebMemo #621
December 14, 2004

On December 15, the Federal Communications Commission is expected to vote on regulations requiring telephone companies to lease, or “unbundle,” parts of their networks to competitors. The FCC has adopted rules on this subject three times since 1996, and all three times the rules have been struck down by the courts as overreaching.

On this fourth try, the FCC needs to get it right. This means limiting mandatory unbundling rules to markets where competition otherwise could not feasibly exist. Importantly, any such determination should take into account competition from new communications services, such as wireless and Internet telephony. The result would benefit consumers, as well as avoid an embarrassing fourth defeat for the FCC in court… (read the rest)

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