When Ignorant Parents Attack

by on October 15, 2004

Here’s a news story about parents discovering pornographic links on the ‘blog of their girls’ volleyball coach.

But this cub reporter’s investigation reveals that the links are all just ‘blog spam. That is, postings to the comments section that are done by a script. Typical material for these postings includes Viagra, online casinos, and good ol’ porn.

Don’t know how long this link will last, but check it out for yourself.

The fact that the coach has quit creates the impression of some guilt. And someone using the coach’s name has said at least one potentially naughty thing about Jennifer Aniston. So maybe there’s more here, but it isn’t apparent yet.

It’s hard to hold a blogger blameworthy for automated comments that exploit the openness and uniformity of ‘comment’ features in ‘blog software.

The lesson?: Never ever coach girls volleyball.

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