Economically-Rational Regulators–Not an Oxymoron Anymore

by on September 15, 2004

The “Federation for Economically Rational Utility Policy“, or FERUP, held a sort of coming-out conference yesterday at Washington’s Williard (the hotel that put the “lobby” in “lobbyist”). The name may be a mouthful–but the group promises to shake up the rather staid PUC world.

Founded earlier this year by Florida commissioner Chuck Davidson and California commissioner Susan Kennedy, FERUP is a bipartisan association of pro-market state PUC members (yes, they DO exist!). Up til now, NARUC (the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners) has had a monopoly on this particular market. No more.

Yesterday’s conference, billed as the group’s 1st Annual DC Summit, featureed some 60 speakers, including SBC CEO Duane Ackerman, telecom subcommittee chair Cliff Stearns, and FCC Michael Powell. more. Overall, a strong start to what hopefully will be a strong organization.

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