A Rapidly Developing Market in Music Downloading

by on August 31, 2004

Why again do we need the Inducing Infringement of Copyrights Act (Induce Act)? Apple’s iTunes service sells about 2.5 million songs a week, while Wal-mart sells around 200,000 and Sony 100,000 songs per week. And soon, enter Yahoo – it’s the second most visited site on the net. And enter Microsoft. Its MSN music service and soon to be released Windows Media Player 10 will add serious competition to this developing market. Microsoft will differentiate itself from the more proprietary downloading services of Apple and Sony by touting its interoperability, using the slogan “Plays for Sure.” And college kids are going back to school and finding that they get access to music downloads (compliments of their tuition of course). Music is for sale! Buy it!

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