Short Memories When It Comes to TV Progress

by on June 27, 2012 · 3 comments

So, as I write this, I’m watching a House Commerce “Future of Video” hearing and I am trying to figure out if I’m the only person who was alive and watching television in the 1970s. I mean, come on, doesn’t anyone else remember the era of the Big 3 and meager viewing options?! Well, for those who forget, here were some of your TV viewing options this day in history, June 27, 1972. Read it and weep (and then celebrate the cornucopia of viewing riches we enjoy today in a world of over 900 video channels + the Internet).


  • txpatriot

    Congressman Barton of Texas mentioned when TV dials had channels 2-13 and that he recalls having only one over-the-air TV channel to choose from. 

    Interestingly, not a single person on the panel could answer his question about how many channels were on an old analog TV dial, as I was screaming “13!” in my head.

    No, you weren’t the only person watching the hearing who was also watching TV back in the 70s.

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  • slappy

    Well, it does seem that we have less viewing options in first-run game shows and soap operas.

    Old analog TVs had channels numbered through 83, lacking 0 and 1. None of my friends (ages ranging from 24-31) have any interest in a cable or satellite subscription. I’m not sure how much anything other than the internet will matter for much longer.

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