NYT “Room for Debate” on Verizon-Google

by on August 9, 2010 · 3 comments

The nice folks at the New York Times “Room for Debate” feature asked me and a group of bright lights to discuss the Verizon-Google agreement on network neutrality regulation, as it stood at various points in the day.

Read the comments of Tim Wu, Lawrence Lessig, David Gelernter, Ed Felten, Jonathan Zittrain, and myself. Much of my comment owes credit to Tim Lee’s excellent paper “The Durable Internet.”

We’re all over the place, folks . . .

Update: Late addition: Gigi Sohn.

  • Louis Sagnieres

    Is there any restriction to access the content of the article ? I can't seem to read (or even get to) any of the articles ?
    Every time I click on one of the links (either on your page or on the NYTimes page) I get redirected to the Room for debate main page. Do you need a paid subscription ?


  • Jim Harper

    I don't have that problem. Can't tell you what to do.

  • Louis Sagnieres

    Apparently it had to do with my browser. After I switched for a diffrent one, the problem disappeared. Thx anyway.

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