Stimulus Stupidity

by on February 10, 2009 · 9 comments

Sorry, this has nothing to do with tech policy, but I just had to comment on Eugene Robinson’s latest column in the Washington Post singing the praises of an unbounded stimulus plan. For those of you not familiar with Robinson’s work, you’re really missing a treat. Eugene Robinson and his colleague Harold Meyerson compete on a weekly basis in the Post for the title of “World’s Most Rhetorically Outrageous (and Economically Illiterate) Newspaper Columnist.”  It’s a heated race. These guys really know no shame. [Note my earlier essay about Meyerson’s effort to equate media reinvention efforts with terrorism!]

Anyway, in his latest column, Robinson firmly establishes himself as the new leader in this ongoing race with the following gem:

The House of Representatives loaded up the bill like a Christmas tree as powerful Democrats found room for their pet projects. This was a good thing, not an outrage. Hundreds of millions of dollars for contraceptives? To the extent that those condoms or birth-control pills are made in the United States and sold in U.S. drugstores, that spending would be stimulative in more ways than one.

Oh, wow. Just wow. Taxpayer funding for birth control as a stimulus to drugstores and domestic pill makers. By that same reasoning, “stimulating” the sale of sex toys would benefit adult bookstores and the domestic dildo industry.

Hey, why not. The more spending the better, right? Who cares if we’re bankrupting our children.

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