President Signs SCHIP – No Five-Day Review

by on February 4, 2009 · 8 comments

Here’s a screen grab of the five-day review page. I figured I should preserve it because it is not likely to be on the site for long. President Obama just signed his second piece of legislation into law, and it didn’t get the five-day review either.

Here’s what that page says:


President Obama wants you to get involved in the legislative process.

The Obama-Biden Administration is committed to bringing new levels of openness, transparency, and participation to our government. That’s why the President has pledged to post all nonemergency bills that come before his desk on for five days, where members of the public will be able to read, review, and comment before he takes any action on them.

There is currently no legislation awaiting the President’s signature. We hope you’ll come back to this page frequently, and share your input on the important legislation that will affect you, your community, and the nation in the years to come.

In the meantime, please use the form below to share your ideas on any issue that matters to you.

Uh, yeah, there’s no legislation awaiting the President’s signature because he signed it right away!

I wrote more about this step away from transparency here.

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