Blogosphere Hails Tim Lee’s DMCA Paper

by on March 22, 2006 · 6 comments

Yesterday, the Cato Institute issued Tim Lee’s paper, Circumventing Competition: The Perverse Consequences of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Reaction has been swift and favorable.

  • Blog top-dog BoingBoing says “it takes sharp free-market types like the Cato characters to bust out elegant critiques like this one.”
  • Heavyweight SlashDot congratulates Lee and Cato for “putting into words what most of us know already.” (And the discussion threads prove that many slashdotters have trouble putting ideas into words.)
  • Our friend Instapundit quotes the money quote but does not say “read the whole thing,” as he does so often. No one ever reads the whole thing – that’s why we read blogs – so Glenn is obviously using reverse psychology.
  • Confessing to a personal relationship with the author, Julian Sanchez of Reason’s Hit and Run calls Tim’s a “sharp new paper.” Oh my, do the comments get testy quickly.
  • Mike of TechDirt gives the paper a shout. (We’re glad it wasn’t Carlo.)
  • Longtime champions EFF welcome the contribution of “free marketeers” to their effort.
  • PublicKnowledge welcomes this “voice on the right.” Only Kartoon Kato is “on the right” – Cato is neither left nor right, rather the best of both – but the welcome is welcome all the same.

These, and other examples, show that Tim’s paper, especially coming as it does from the Cato Institute, is enjoying enthusiastic appreciation. It’s a needed addition to the discussion of copyright law, protection, and business in the digital age.

I’m taking bets on when the paper is blogged on IPCentral . . . !

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