Privacy Identity Innovation Conference Next Week

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SpaceNeedleI’m excited to be attending the big annual Privacy Identity Innovation (pii2013) conference next week in Seattle, Washington from September 16-18. Organized by the amazing Natalie Fonseca, who also created the widely attended Tech Policy Summit, the Privacy Identity Innovation conference brings together some of the best and brightest minds involved in the digital economy and information technology policy.

Natalie and her team have put together another terrific agenda and group of all-star speakers to debate the “challenges associated with managing and securing the vast amounts of personal data being generated in our increasingly connected world” as well as the “huge opportunities for innovation if done properly.” There will be panels debating the implications of wearable technologies, Google Glass, government surveillance practices, digital advertising, transparency efforts, privacy by design, identification technologies and issues, and privacy developments in Europe and other countries, among other issues. The event also features workshops, demos, and other networking opportunities.

I’m looking forward to my panel on “Emerging Technologies and the Fine Line between Cool and Creepy.” That’s an issue I’ve had a lot to say about in blog posts here as well as recent law review articles. Occasional TLF contributor Larry Downes will also be on that panel with me.

Anyway, if you’ll be out there in Seattle for the big show, please make sure to find me and introduce yourself. I’ll be doing plenty of live-Tweeting from the event that you can read if you following me at (@AdamThierer) on Twitter.

  • Born6’5

    Mr. Thierer,

    I am a college student in a class concerning philosophy and technology. I am assigned to comment on a blog posting of my choosing every week and this week I have chosen yours.

    I have never been to an event like the one you write about so I can only assume what goes on there. To me, the title of this event is somewhat self explanatory. As we progress as a society our abilities and technologies progress as well. With new limits being reached and broken, new boundaries must be established, at least in my opinion. The panel you mentioned concerning the line between cool and creepy is a perfect example for this. Social networking is part of that progressive technology. What exactly did you discuss when it comes to social networking. Was this wide standing topic or is it the technology that these sites run on that is the main concern? Do you really believe that if someone puts up any personal information about themselves on the Internet that it stays private?

    Thank you for your writings and hope to hear from you.

  • Friv 2 Friv 4

    With new limits being reached.

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