Land Rights, Bottom Up, Using GPS and Satellite Data

by on May 9, 2013 · 2 comments

Check out how tribal villagers in parts of India are establishing a basic right that we take for granted. Using GPS and satellite imagery, they’re marking out the plots of land that they have lived on, unrecognized, for decades, and they’re making it their property.

The project is described here, and you can noodle around and find plots that they’ve mapped out here.

  • TheBrett

    Good for them.

    When was the last major property-defining movement in the US? The Homestead Act in 1862? Long enough that we just take titling and property deeds for granted.

  • Luci

    It’s sad to think that many Americans take so much of our great technologies for granted. Almost everyday in my car i’ve found myself using my GPS. India is just now receiving the advantages of a GPS. Is it fair that their technologies are not the same or advanced as in America?
    India is definitely not the only place that is taking a while for their technologies to progress. Some countries governments purposely don’t give their people the rights and advantages to all the technologies that are received in America. is that ethically moral? are their intentions good?
    For instance, China’s internet is not at the same level and has banned some of the features of it that the United States has. China’s government has network authoritarianism with the “great firewall.” This sets up governmental restrictions on private companies policies and the actions of private citizens. The chinese citizens are not getting the same advantages, technologies, and freedoms that the internet users in the United States has received. Are the Chinese government’s intentions right? Is iit done for the good of the people? Will they ever get the same rights as America?
    Just as India is gaining GPS and maybe other technology and internet rights down the road, China may one day lighten up too.

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