There is Only One Way… The TLF Way

by on October 26, 2010 · 5 comments

Technology Liberation Front rebels apparently continuing their subversive ways on the streets of our nation’s capital. (Of course, I don’t condone this sort of thing.)

  • Berin Szoka

    Awesome! Wish I had been there to revel in this moment. Oh, wait, I was there. Huh. Guess it wasn't quite as earth-shattering a moment as some of our readers might imagine!

  • Jim Harper

    So… one of you put the sticker on, and one took the picture? Wow, you guys know how to have self-promotional fun.

  • Adam Thierer

    Actually, Jim, there were 3 of us. One placed the sticker, one took the picture, one shouted “Sic Semper Tech Tyrannis” loudly at passers-by. It was a hell of protest. We changed the world, man.

  • James Riso

    I guess the local authorities made swift work of these radicals

  • Berin Szoka

    Better than Woodstock, Bigger than Jesus!

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