“Info-Communism:” An Interesting Event

by on January 25, 2010 · 2 comments

This looks like a good one to me. An ITIF event tomorrow called “Info-Communism:” A Progressive Path Forward or a Political and Intellectual Dead End?

Overheated rhetoric around information policy and intellectual property damages the quality of the debate. In this paper, featured speaker and Syracuse University information studies professor Milton Mueller warns against pouring these debates into old ideological molds. Doing so preserves controversy rather than fostering the discovery of common ground. (Or “commons” ground—couldn’t help it!)

I don’t know that this forum will solve the problem, but I know it will be interesting. The sign-up page indicates that the event will be streamed.

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  • georgeou

    Commons are a wonderful thing, but only when they're entirely comprised of willing participants. I'm in a commons relationship with my family where they freeload off of me till I'm poor, but it's worth the love I get in exchange. It doesn't work so well if individuals I don't know can just join my freeload commons. A commons of unwilling participants is a perversion of the concept and it's just a euphemism for theft.

    What is needed is a live and let live world where the commons and Intellectual Property world can coexist. Those who want to join a commons shall have the right to do so, but they must not force others to enlist. You can't just say “information wants to be free” and then proceed to “share” (another euphemism for theft) other people's property.

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