Summary of Tech Policy Summit Panel 3 at CES: The Future of Copyright

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As I mentioned, I’m out in Vegas attending the Tech Policy Summit at CES today and tomorrow and trying to blog about some of what’s going on. Here’s my summary of panel#1 on broadband policy and panel #2 on spectrum policy. The third panel was on the future of copyright and content creation. The session was moderated by Declan McCullagh, Sr. Correspondent, and Contributor, CNET News. The panelists included:

  • Jim Griffin, President, Choruss LLC and Advisor to Warner Music Group
  • Fred von Lohmann, Senior Staff Attorney, Electronic Frontier Foundation
  • Gigi Sohn, Co-founder and President, Public Knowledge
  • Hank Shocklee, Creative Director and CEO Music Producer, Founder of Public Enemy and President, Shocklee Entertainment
  • Michael Robertson, Founder,
  • Dave Allen, Co-founder and President, Pampelmoose and Co-founder, Fight

I have briefly summarized some of what each speaker said down below:
Jim Griffin
– Nobody in music industry has given up on any business model
– Advertising often ill-suited to a digital world
– Music is inherently anarchistic; we need to find a way to monetize it instead of stop it
– Bono’s “unfortunate” approach wouldn’t help get people paid
– But we do need to find ways to get artists fairly compensated
– This is all about making it faster and easier to pay
– Price of music is subjective; hard to determine
– Chorus model goal is to create flat-fee for unlimited use of music
– Will have to let the collection agencies figure out the payout formula

Fred von Lohman
– Does subscription model work for digital model?
– $5 Per-month, on-demand model (Mog or Spotify?)
– Chorus model of trying to monetize P2P is where we need to go; collective licensing is the future
– A surveillance system for copyright wouldn’t work well for piracy and would be used by others for other things (indecency, gambling, etc)
– Recording industry has given up on lawsuit strategy

Gigi Sohn
– Blasted U2 Bono’s call for centralized filtering / DPI
– Calls it “legalized wiretapping”
– Worried about FCC getting involved in copyright fights; thinks Net neutrality proceeding could open door to allowing copyright enforcement with help of ISPs

Hank Shocklee
– Compensation on many different levels & new ways (touring is up)
– Price of music today is too high
– In future, no more rich artists; lots of little niche artists all making less
– Crumbling of record labels is “a great thing”

Michael Roberston
– Most new business models won’t work; some just recycle old models that failed
– Cost of music licenses from record labels are too expensive

Dave Allen
– Disconnect between old models and new technological realities; old “containers” for music no longer hold it in or help monetize itNeed totally new model for music and labels
– Artists are going to have to let go of the old models and dream

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