Aliens Love Firefox Too!

by on September 7, 2008 · 16 comments

Crop circles prove it!

Firefox crop circles

(Note: For the record, I do not believe extraterrestrials are visiting Earth).

  • Richard Bennett

    It's time for the cover-up to cease:

    WASHINGTON – A space alien who stunned the world by revealing that
    five U.S. Senators were extraterrestrials in 1992 dropped another
    bombshell when he met with President Bill Clinton in the White House just
    days ago — and named seven more senators who hail from distant planets!

    And far from denying the extraterrestrial's allegations, Senators Phil
    Gramm, Dennis DeConcini, John D. Rockefeller IV, Bennett Johnston,
    Howell Heflin, Christopher Dodd, and William S. Cohen conceded that
    “the time is right to make our true identities known.”

    “Senators John Glenn, Orrin Hatch, Nancy Kassebaum, Sam Nunn, and
    Alan Simpson came out of the alien closet two years ago and now we find
    that seven more senators are not from Earth,” said author and UFO expert
    Nathaniel Dean, who identified the first group of space alien senators in a
    news conference that made international headlines in November 1992.

    “The implications,” he continued, “are almost beyond comprehension. For
    one thing, we now know that the destiny of the most powerful nation on
    Earth is being shaped and guided by entities who aren't even human.

    Weekly World News.

  • Berin Szoka

    Notice how carefully Adam cabins his disclaimer: “I do not believe extraterrestrials are visiting Earth.” Very cagey, Adam. Let me guess: the aliens built the pyramids, right?

  • Richard Bennett

    It all depends on what the meaning is “are” is.

  • Adam Thierer

    I certainly could be wrong given this evidence:

  • cordblomquist

    This is clearly a desperate attempt to fend off the juggernaut that is Google Chrome.

  • Kyle 'Sinbad' Stone

    This is history in the making. I am the creator of PeopleWhoLookLikeAliens. I can't believe we have one fan!!!

  • PutupBlog

    This pic here of firefox is so cool.

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